Pumpkin Honey: The Brightening Face Mask

Pumpkin Honey: The Brightening Face Mask

DIY enthusiasts have given us a fantastic face mask again. And yes, it is everything you can imagine and more. With some honey and leftover pumpkin, you can start working on your skin immediately. Although you can purchase your honey pumpkin online, it is always an excellent choice to do it yourself because you have the chance to make it exactly how you want it.

It has been said time, and again, your facial skin is one of the essential parts of your body. With proper care, you can get rid of the dark spots that have been terrorizing you for years and even brighten your skin a little more.

Unlike the pumpkin face mask, pumpkin honey face mask has a kick to it. You have probably been in contact with the former and loved it in one way or another. With the latter, you get more health benefits with very little.

Why DIY? Well, it’s simple – making everything for yourself means that you only get natural products to use as ingredients, and you also control the amount of everything that goes into the face mask. This allows you to be accountable for the results and to control the whole process.

Natural is the best way to go. But that doesn’t always seem like the way when you are dealing with a bunch of options from online stores. This means taking matters into your own hands is the ultimate choice. 

Although nothing ever goes wrong in these instances, it is essential to follow a particular recipe to know what you are doing and navigate through any new DIY option that you want. 

And if you think pumpkin and honey are great, then you have no idea what CBD infused honey pumpkin face mask will do. With the amazing health benefits that come with using CBD topicals, it is just mind-blowing to think of how active these ingredients are on your skin.

Oh, do not forget to add some lemon into the mixture. Lemon has a good number of benefits on your skin from disinfecting it to aiding with getting rid of spots.

Here are the benefits that you reap from using pumpkin honey face mask:-


The CBD in the face mask is one of the two most important ingredients you have. After making your pumpkin puree, add a substantial amount of CBD in the jar and mix well. You will be pleased to know CBD contains some anti-aging properties which help in keeping the wrinkles away. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the swelling on your skin due to acne. This, in turn, helps in the whole brightening of your skin process because there aren’t any spots to deal with whatsoever.


The other most crucial ingredient in the mixture is honey. There is so much you can do with honey. With the right amount of it in the mix, your skin will not only look younger but also brighter. The hemp honey helps with getting rid of acne and bacteria due to its anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey also contains a bunch of antioxidants that are quite helpful in preventing aging skin and they are responsible for that glow. Yes, honey helps brighten your skin and especially raw honey. Although it is a bit costly, raw honey is quite beneficial and worth it for your skin.


Lemon has been in almost all skin regimens conversations, and that says a lot about its benefits. Lemon contains Vitamin C which can tone your facial skin while closing your pores which helps in tightening the skin leaving you with smooth and perfectly toned skin.

The Pumpkin Puree

The pumpkin also contains anti-oxidants, which help reduce the effects of sunburns and prevent wrinkles.

After making your pumpkin puree, add your CBD dosage, some honey, and squeeze in the lemon. This honey pumpkin face mask is the perfect mixture for brightening and toning your skin.

Wildflower Honey: All You Need to Know

 wildflower honey

It is quite unfortunate to learn that there are over 300 flavors of honey in the market, and most people cannot tell them apart. Yes, 300 different flavonoids. On top of the list is wildflower honey which is the most common in the United States.

The other types of honey that are similarly standard such as:-

  • Clover Honey
  • Orange Blossom Honey
  • Buckwheat Honey
  • Basswood Honey
  • Alfalfa Honey
  • And a few more

It is still essential to know that wildflower has more to offer in terms of benefits, taste and even uses.

What is Wildflower Honey?

This type of honey is also called polyfloral honey. The name stems from the fact that bees collect this honey from different kinds of nectars at the same time. The nectar might have come from various plants, including fruits, herbs, essential oils, flowers and many more.
Wildflower is quite distinctive from the rest because the taste, color and scents differ from one season to the next. This is because wildflower is extracted from different types of flowers that bloom in different seasons of the year.
In short, raw wildflower honey produced in the summer might look and taste different from one produced in autumn because of the difference in dominant flowers during both seasons.

Taste and Color

taste and color honey

Wildflower is not specific on the flowers as bees might collect nectar from different areas at the same time. This will then affect the taste and color of the honey produced.
How do you know what exactly you are purchasing and why it looks the way it does?
Honey that is collected during late summer and early fall often look a bit darker and more potent in taste.
On the other hand, wildflower honey collected in late spring and early summer tends to be lighter in color and even lighter in taste.
You can quickly tell these differences of when it comes to honey from honeypot farm which has dedicated hours of their time and money to ensure you get the best wildflower honey bees to have to offer.
Due to this inconsistency in the flavors and appearance of the honey, manufacturers often prefer to mix everything up to provide wildflower honey that has one taste.
This is the reason why customers can rarely tell one type of honey or flavor from the other.

Wildflower honey from one region in the world at a particular time tastes entirely different from the same time somewhere else. 

It is good to keep an open an open mind when it comes to the varieties and flavors of honey you want in order to experience the differences.

Uses of Wildflower Honey

When and before you buy honey, you opt to know some of its major applications to take full advantage of it.

Helps Control Cholesterol

control cholesterol

Honey is a great way to control your cholesterol levels. Yes, it has been proven through different studies that have shown that the sweetness in honey is healthy than it is otherwise.

Used to Reduce Acne

Wildflower honey when applied on the face by people suffering from acne, helps in unclogging the pores and moisturising the skin. Although it does not work quite as smoothly for everyone, it works efficiently for most people.

Applied on Wounds

Honey can be used on a wound to aid in its healing process. It is said to work on tissue healing hence injuries that have had honey smeared on them heal from the inside and not necessarily outside.
Also, it does not only have to be used solely on the skin. Ingesting any healthy amount of wildflower honey works quite as well.

Used to Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety

CBD infused wildflower honey is the best option when it comes to alternative treatment for depression and anxiety.
Yes, it is an unusual method of treatment compared to pills administered by ‘big pharma’ and hence a cause for concern for many.
But not to worry, CBD has been proven over the years, to contain anti-depressant effects and anxiolytic properties too.
This means, apart from the honey itself which contains anxiolytic properties too – CBD plays a considerable role in reducing depression and anxiety without causing significant side effects or having health concerns.
This is everything you need to know before you go ahead and buy honey. Whether it is specifically wildflower or you decide to go with another flavor of honey such as orange blossom, the results are more or less the same.
The main differences are usually the color and the taste of the honey, but all the other factors stay the same.

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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  • Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog?
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The post can be short or long, a personal intro to your life or a bloggy mission statement, a manifesto for the future or a simple outline of your the types of things you hope to publish.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
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  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

You’re not locked into any of this; one of the wonderful things about blogs is how they constantly evolve as we learn, grow, and interact with one another — but it’s good to know where and why you started, and articulating your goals may just give you a few other post ideas.

Can’t think how to get started? Just write the first thing that pops into your head. Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing we love, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. Anne makes a great point — just start writing, and worry about editing it later.

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